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Zealandia Font Family

Zealandia Font Family is an expanded sans-serif font that effortlessly evokes an aggressive yet elegant vibe with a modern twist. Zealandia’s versatility extends beyond its functional design; it carries a narrative that resonates on a personal level.

Humanism Font Family

Humanism Font is a powerful and bold display sans-serif font family. Inspired by the urban typography, which later led to a grotesque style. It can be used for bold editorial statements graphic heavy prints or just as a simple logo.

Debar Font

Debar Font is an ultra condensed font, and with a style that is very different from the others. Inspired by newspaper headlines, this sleek and sophisticated font turns heads with its bold strokes and clean lines that exude professionalism.

Canniza Font

Canniza Font is a great typeface for creating beautiful and elegant headlines and logo designs. It features 8 weights, from thin to bold. The typeface features a classic serif design with a modern twist.

Kigo Font

Kigo Font - A new display typeface inspired by vintage posters and big meaty sandwiches. This font is the perfect choice for graphic designers who want to add an element of fun to their designs.

Lockal Font

Lockal Font is a condensed type with a simple and playable font. With a solid structure and an impressive collection of ligatures, this bad boy is bound to make your creations pop.

Nordlig Font

Nordlig Font is a modern and vintage serif display font that looks unique, feminine and give a luxurious feel. Each character carries the essence of an era defined by deliberate lines and distinctive serifs, offering a contemporary take on a classic aesthetic.

Aftersick Font

Aftersick Font is a classic modern font that is both stylish and unique with smooth curves and beautiful ligatures. With its elegant serifs and contemporary details, Aftersick Serif embodies a unique fusion of classic sophistication and contemporary appeal.

Kogare Font

Kogare Font is a modern and elegant serif font that is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your designs. Drawing inspiration from the timeless charm of classic serif writing, Kogare seamlessly marries tradition with modernity,

Mansel Font

Mansel Font is a captivating revival typeface that pays homage to the timeless elegance of 1930's design. Boasting an impressive range of weights, widths, and italic angles in both classic and variable formats,

La Volicia Font

La Volicia Font is a sans-serif font inspired by the rich history and lineage of Italian type. This bold and sophisticated font captures the essence of idealistic beauty through its tension, balance, and unexpected shapes.

P&A Sans Font

P&A Sans Font is a functional sans-serif font that includes open character openings, a uniform distribution of white and black, and excellent readability. This typeface is perfect for editorial design, branding, or advertising needs.