Ethiopia Font

Ethiopia Font is old vintage font inspire by culture of tatto and biker visual design. The characteristics of serif fonts that have additional serifs are still present in this font, but the existing serifs follow the actual font shape, and there are additions to the body of the font. Ethiopia Modern Vintage Serif Font is a serif font that carries a vintage, simple, and upright feel. It can also use as a bold and modern font.

Ethiopia Modern Vintage Serif Font has many matches when combined with the product to be used. Fashion brand tags such as clothing will work well with this typeface. There is no need to add excessive pictures and ornaments because the Ethiopia Modern Vintage Serif Font has presented its identity where a simple yet classic impression radiates. Ethiopia Modern Vintage Serif Font is typeface that can use as digital fonts and print fonts. This font can use as a title that appears first in intro videos that catch the viewer’s attention at a first impression.

Posters and magazine cover work especially well when using the Ethiopia Modern Vintage Serif Font. This is because even though this font is a serif typeface, it can be seen clearly and can be distinguished per letter. So this font is included in legible fonts.

Thanks very much to Kong Font. Ethiopia Font just personal use only, if you need for commercial use and full version please download in here.

: Jun 9, 2024
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