King Throne Font

King Throne Font is a unique display script with reverse contrast. With its high contrast characters and distinctive swinging letter ends, this typeface commands attention and captivates the viewer with its majestic presence. The high contrast design of this font creates a striking visual impact. The stark difference between the thick and thin strokes adds a sense of drama and sophistication to each letter, making them stand out with a commanding presence. The font’s weight distribution captures the eye and draws focus to the exquisite details of its letterforms. What sets King Throne apart is the captivating swinging ends of the letters. With a gentle curve and a flourish, these decorative elements add a touch of movement and grace to the font. The swinging letter ends contribute to the font’s regal aesthetic, evoking images of royal script and elegant calligraphy. They elevate the font’s overall appearance, transforming it into a true symbol of authority and power. For the best legibility you can use it in the bigger text. Enjoy the available features here.

Thanks to Din Studio. King Throne Font is the demo version, free for personal use only.

Link to purchase full version and commercial license: HERE

: Jul 11, 2023
: 3,017
View all Glyphs KingThronePersonalUse-jEze0 The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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