Lightly Sailler Font

Lightly Sailler Serif Font

It’s sharp serif font with an elegant feel. Unique character by combining geometric shapes with organic curvy details. Classic curves and sharp serifs make the Lightly sailler Serif feel elegant and nostalgic, at the same time, while still leaving enough simplicity to use for both headings and body types. It is also equipped with four special ligatures (ct, st, it, ck, sl, el, et, the, and end) as well as alternate features either capital or lowercase with a little tail that bumps the letters after which is a combination idea to give a more elegant impression. provides extra flair and body text legibility.

Lightly Sailler Serif Font is provided to you by zamjump. Free for personal, non-profit use. For commercial use you need to buy a license here

: Jun 27, 2021
: 7,052
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