Master of Break Font

Master of Break Free Script Font

Introducing Master of Break Font! Master of Break designed and shared by StereoType. Master of Break is an aesthetic new script font that will wonderfully add to your designs.

This font is free for personal use only.
But if you want to get a commercial license, it’s available at:
The commercial version contains a complete set of alternate glyphes and a wide range of 13 ligatures and swashes to create your own style ! You’ll be also able to edit PDF files with the font embedded.

: Dec 20, 2016
: 266,661
View all Glyphs master-of-break The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


  1. Hello. I’ve been having some problems with this fount… While I’m writing the letters are all good but when I print or save the document as PDF some of the letters get cut on different sides… I tried adjusting the line height but it still doesn’t work… Can some one help e please?

    • Hi! That’s because this version is a free version or trial. You have to buy the font to work well. A quick tip, before you print, just expand or turn into curves your typo. It will print with no issues. Another thing, when you send something to laser cut ou engraving, be careful! This font makes overlapping in some letters, so you have to expand and the unite with the pathfinder tool 😉 Best Regards

  2. Hi! I have a huge doubt with this font. I’ve had found this font in differents sites and sometimes they point out is free for commercial use, but then in another site it says is free ONLY for personal use. I want to use this font for a commercial project and urgently need to aclare this. Waiting for a response. Thanks.

  3. I’m needing this for commercial use as well. Love the characters of this font and would love to use it. Needing cost and how to purchase information. I’ve reached out via the email given on the website with no response yet. Waiting response just like Josephine. If I don’t hear back soon, I’ll have to choose another one to use.

  4. I went to the site to purchase a commercial license for this font (Master of Break)…but its not listed. Where can I purchase this?


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