Modeschrift Font


Modeschrift Font Made by Peter Wiegel

Translation of the original German description:

This font is based on a draft from the book “Die Schriften des Malers” (The lettering of the painter) by Walter Schenk, published by Dr. Pfannenberg & Co.

At Ralf Herrmann writes about this book: “The writings of the painter is a large-sized folder with templates and instructions for the painting-, varnishing- and sign-making trade.” The folder contains a 124-page textbook, and 50 separate drafts which mainly include lettering samples.

The book describes all aspects of the sign-painter-craft – starting with stylistic / historical fundamentals of lettering to all design and technical issues in the design and implementation of painted signs. The lettering drafts are written or drawn with a high standard and present German sign painter’s type design from the mid-20th century in an impressive way.”

There is really nothing to add, except that I am gradually making these fonts available for use on computers.

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: Sep 29, 2015
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