Neue Rudelskopf Font Family


Neue Rudelskopf Font Family Made by Peter Wiegel

Translation of the original German description: Some years ago I had drawn the Rudelskopf. That font was actually nothing more than an experiment and not meant seriously. Hence, Mr. Thorwald Poschenrieder has contacted me to ask if I could make the font more legible and so I fine-tuned this font with his help. In the end we created something entirely new, a kind of block letters, but with the forms of “German Script”, which is legible to someone who can read German kurrent. The more time I spent with this font and the glyphs, the more I realized that this font is very good to learn “Sütterlin”, as it does not include the typical long jagged strokes, and one can concentrate more on the pure letterforms. Therefore, I have supplemented this font by a second variant with slightly extended strokes, so as to facilitate a transition to a connected kurrent. A further expansion of the family with forms of blackletter and gothic script but also in the direction of the latin script will follow in the future, when I find the time for it.

: Oct 12, 2015
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