Moontok Font

Moontok Display Font

It’s a simple and bold handwritten display font perfect for adding a personal touch to your next project. Like how it named, the cheerful shape bring imaginations to fluffiness, sweetness, cuties, cookies, coffee latte smells, cheesecake, happy kids, even refresh summer trip

Moontok has an opentype feature that will automatically change each character into stunning ligatures, easy! The alternates tail bring cheerful accent to your wondrous display composition, both make more flexible exploring your needs and also including sexy punctuations

Even the font shape has a fun impression, the clear bold line still fit to represent something cool and fresh also making it very easy to read and applied in various design styles such as crunchy poster designs, snacks packaging, logos, promotional artworks, storybooks, business cards, webiste header and many more design projects.

Big thanks to Ardyanatypes for providing us this freebie. Moontok Display Font free for personal use, don’t hesitate to check out the Full Version to get the most out of this display font.

: Jun 17, 2021
: 6,281
View all Glyphs Moontok-Regular The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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