Mustica Pro Font

Mustica Pro Sans Serif Font
Mustica Pro Sans Serif Font

Mustica Pro Sans Serif Font

It’s a clean and geometric sans serif font that has a number of OpenType features and supports Latin, Cyrillic and Greek languages.

The word of Mustica has the meaning of a crown, even for Asians this word not only a “crown”. But also, Mustica has the meaning of brave, clever or wise.

In this regard, the Mustica Pro font was carefully crafted with optimal effort, to make it the most popular modern sans serif.

Mustica Pro has many advantages apart fairly extensive language support. The important features are case sensitive, ligatures, discretionary ligatures, proportional figures, tabular figures, oldstyle figures, proportional oldstyle, fraction, numerator, denominator, superscript (scientific superior), inferior, fractions, alignment colon and others.

With features that the Mustica Pro font has, it is hoped that this font will be the best professional choice.

Moreover, the complete family package includes hairline to black variables and for this reason, Mustica Pro is perfect to serve as the mainstay font for various design and commercial projects.

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