Nethsans Typeface – Entirely Free

The ‘nethsans’ typeface is an entirely free typeface both for personal and commercial use. To break down the name: ‘neth’ stands for (the) Netherlands and sans refers to the sans serif style. It has a rather futuristic style. Although the typeface has a small character set, it took a very very long time to produce it. It all started as a fun experiment. Around 40% of it is generated with an AI algorithm. Designing/writing the software took a tremendous amount of time and yet it’s still not really feasible to generate font families all by itself. I have to drag/copy them into Fontlab, fix the optical balance, adjust, modify, fill in settings etc. etc. It might evolve to a stage where it can generate highly sophisticated font families all by itself. And hopefully it will become faster too. It’s very slow at the moment.

But hopefully you’ll like it and enjoy the free font. More info in the .zip file.

I do my best to regularly publish authentic premium font families free for everyone and every type of use.

The ‘upgraded’ version of nethsans will be (hopefully) released soon. That will be entirely free as well.

Much love!

Heer Hugo

: Apr 25, 2018
: 12,537
: HeerHugo
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