Oks Typeface

Oks TypefaceOks TypefaceOks TypefaceOks TypefaceOks Typeface

Oks Free Typeface

It’s great, when I found out this font. Oks is shared by Ilya Zherikov on Behance. This font is suitable for design work, printing … Also you can refer to many similar font on Befonts, Sans serif Section

Oks typeface was initially based on letterforms popular in the USSR in 60’s but in the course of time quite distanced from them.The typeface is still in beta so, please, use it carefully paying extra attention to kerning and non-alphabetic characters. Please, let me know if you’re facing any difficulties (better with screenshots).

Thanks to Ilya Zherikov has shared this wonderful font, you can follow up and support him in his personal page

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: Jul 14, 2016
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