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A list of fonts recently available on Befonts.

Originals Typeface

Originals Typeface Introducing Originals Typeface! Originals designed by, this is a premium font, are sold on creativemarket, but it was great, it is free today for download. Originals Typeface is a handdrawn playful display font. The font can be used for many purposes but looks great when put on signs, shirts or cards. Also,… Continue readingOriginals Typeface

CF Klondike Typeface

CF Klondike Typeface • Gratuit pour utilisation personnel. (à but non lucratif) Pour usage commerciale (à but lucratif), acheter la version commerciale sur ma page web. • Free for personal use. (Non-lucrative purposes) For commercial (for profit), purchase commercial version at my Web Page. — > For the commercial version:

Espa Extended Brush Font

Espa Extended Brush Font A new font Brush. It’s good if you add it to your collection of fonts. Introducing Espa Extended Brush Font. Espa Extended Brush designed by Krišjānis Mežulis. Espa Extended features a brush made feel and look. Every single letter has been hand drawn with a thin water brush on acrylic paper,… Continue readingEspa Extended Brush Font

Amandella Script

Hello, thank you for downloading this font. This font is demo.If you want download full version? please click the link below. and visit my store for more great fonts : for donation are very appreciated. Feel free to email me: [email protected] or leave a comment below if you have any question. find more previews on… Continue readingAmandella Script

Elizabeth Script Font

Elizabeth Script Font You will get a nice typeface calligraphy, it will make your design more professional and beautiful. Introducing Elizabeth Script Font! Elizabeth Script designed and shared by Unicode. Elizabeth is a script typeface beautiful calligraphy and modern with inreguler baseline. This font is suitable for a wide range of products each project, such as wedding… Continue readingElizabeth Script Font

Marek Slab Font Family

Marek Slab Font Family You do not need to spend too much time creating a font that fits your design project, this is a new slab serif font, hope you will be happy about it. Introducing Marek Slab Font Family. Marek Slab designed and shared by Rosario Nocera. Marek is a slab serif font it takes it’s… Continue readingMarek Slab Font Family

Royal Crescent Font

Royal Crescent Font OTF: Royal Crescent (Regular, Bold, and Light) Dennis Ludlow 2017 all rights reserved by Sharkshock [email protected] Royal Crescent is an all caps sans-serif based on Johnston, the font found on London’s subway stations. The uniform width is consistent throughout creating low contrast. There are slight variations, between several upper and lowercase characters… Continue readingRoyal Crescent Font

Mimsy Whimsy Typeface

Mimsy Whimsy Typeface Thank you for allowing me to be part of your creative process! If you enjoy my fonts, please consider a $1 donation. This would go a long way in helping me devote more time to font design and creation. THANK YOU! -Mindy A fun fanciful font perfect for invitations, t-shirts, and much… Continue readingMimsy Whimsy Typeface

The Boundaries Logotype

The Boundaries Logotype – Demo Version Are you designing a logo template? I would like to introduce to you a logotype style, it will help your design work quickly, and promote your brand prominently. Introducing The Boundaries Logotype! The Boundaries designed by Dirtyline Studio. The Boundaries is a handmade Clean typeface, with authentic brush imperfections, and… Continue readingThe Boundaries Logotype

NCT Granite Font Family

NCT Granite Font Family Start the new day with a new family font serif. Introducing NCT Granite Font Family! NCT Granite designed by NCT. NCT Granite brings the shapes of Renaissance type into the modern world with a robust and functional typeface designed to work on both screen and print. ​Its italic is about as wide… Continue readingNCT Granite Font Family

Cedarville Cursive Font

Cedarville Cursive – Google Fonts Introducing Cedarville Cursive Font! Cedarville Cursive designed by Kimberly Geswein. Cederville Cursive is based on the handwriting of a cheerful young preschool teacher. From her love of her Cedarville University alma mater to her passion for her students, she is a delightful, dependable person. Her handwriting contains that same blend of fun… Continue readingCedarville Cursive Font

Hardest Stylistic Font

Hardest Stylistic Font Happy introducing you to a new style font. You will happily add it to your fonts collection. Introducing Hardest Style Font! Hardest Style designed by Putra Khan Studio. Hardest Style is is a handmade brushes stylist designed to combine perfectly and allow you to create stunning hand-lettering quickly and easily. Thanks to Putra… Continue readingHardest Stylistic Font

Albret Handwritten Font

Albret Demo font Continue to be a new handwritten script font. lntroducing Albret Handwritten Font! Albret Handwritten designed and shared by Mr.Typeman. Albret with its pleasant and elegant style. If you want to add a certain charm, appeal and allure in your projects, Albret is just what you need. Albret comes with uppercase, lowercase, standard punctuation… Continue readingAlbret Handwritten Font

BlackTop Font

BlackTop | Free Font A handwritten graffiti style font. Introducing BlackTop Font! BlackTop designed and shared by SixAbove Studios. Rugged and legible, it brings bold characteristics of street art to build some breakdown into your design beats. Thanks to SixAbove Studios. This is the demo version, only 2 styles. BlackTop free for personal use, please visit… Continue readingBlackTop Font

Arthard Script Font

Arthard Script Font lntroducing Arthard Script Font! Arthard Script designed and shared by Mr.Typeman. Take a look on those grunge characters which will add charisma to any of your designs! Arthard comes with upper and lowercase characters, basic punctuation, numbers and special glyphs, so the font can be used with most of the European languages.… Continue readingArthard Script Font

AzureoN Font

AzureoN Font Font Name: AzureoN Version: 1.0 Designer: Hareesh Seela Format: .TTF (TrueType) Release Date: 19 June, 2017 For any help/query regarding the font, Feel free to mail me at [email protected] This font is free for personal use only. Commercial Use requires Donation.

Aadhunik Font

Aadhunik font Font Name: Aadhunik Version: 1.0 Designer: Hareesh Seela Format: .TTF (TrueType) Release Date: 21 June, 2017 Thanks for Downloding my Font! For any help/query regarding the font, Feel free to mail me at [email protected] This font is free for personal use only. Commercial Use requires Donation.

Charlotte Script Font

Charlotte Script Font Continue to be a work from Polythene Designs. lntroducing Charlotte Script Font! a bouncy script font, handwritten with a brush pen and digitized. Ideal for logo, quotes, wedding, product label/packaging, fashion, letter, invitation, poster, merchandise, greeting cards, etc Thanks very much to Polythene Designs, Charlotte Script Font is free for personal use and… Continue readingCharlotte Script Font

Jasminum Handwriting Font

Jasminum Handwriting Font If you’re looking for a bold, unique and striking handwriting font. lntroducing Jasminum Handwriting Font! Jasminum designed and shared by Jasmina Zornic. Give your designs an authentic handcrafted feel. “Jasminum” is perfectly suited to signature, stationery, logo, typography quotes, magazine or book cover, website header, clothing, branding, packaging design and more. Thanks very… Continue readingJasminum Handwriting Font

Streetlight Script Font

Streetlight Script Font Introducing Streetlight Script Font! Streetlight Script designed by MrLetters, this is a premium font, are sold on creativemarket, but it was great, it is free today for download. Streetlight Script a new fresh & modern script with a handmade calligraphy style, decorative characters and a dancing baseline! So beautiful on invitation like… Continue readingStreetlight Script Font

Duvetica Script Font

Duvetica Script Font Continue to be a work from Polythene Designs. Duvetica Script Font modern script with a handmade calligraphy style. Duvetica Script perfect for greeting cards, magazine, branding, social media, print, packaging, and many more. Thanks very much to Polythene Designs, Duvetica is free for personal use and commercial use. Please download and enjoy,… Continue readingDuvetica Script Font

Exodus Typeface

Exodus – Free Typeface lntroducing Exodus Typeface! Exodus designed and shared by Andrew Herndon. Exodus is a display serif typeface with luxurious lines and a smorgasbord of unique alternative characters. Exodus Standard comes with Exodus Regular, Bold, Stencil, Stencil Bold, Wide & Wide Bold. Exodus Display comes with Exodus Subract, Subtract Bold, Shino, Shino Bold, Sharpen,… Continue readingExodus Typeface

Fivo Sans Font Family

Fivo Sans – Free Font Family You will find greatness in this new font, it is a font family, you will have many choices for your design, or it will be good if you add it to your fonts collection. lntroducing Fivo Sans Font Family. Fivo Sans designed and shared by Alexander Slobzheninov. Fivo Sans is… Continue readingFivo Sans Font Family

Kunt Typeface

Kunt – Typeface Are you looking for a classic style font for your design project? Kunt is a perfect choice. lntroducing Kunt Typeface! Kunt designed and shared by Estúdio Room. Modular blackletter typeface inspired by scripts used throughout Western Europe from approximately 1150 to well into the 17th century. Fraktur, Schawabacher, Rotunda were references used for… Continue readingKunt Typeface

Lucy Rose Typeface

Lucy Rose – Free Font A classic style and mixed with the new modern style. Introducing Lucy Rose Typeface! Lucy Rose designed by Ellen Luff. Lucy Rose is a typeface built with character, designed to be customised and explored. It’s an all caps typeface, with strong and sleek letters, which create a brilliant foundation for the flourished… Continue readingLucy Rose Typeface

Summer Romance Font

Summer Romance Font Continue to be a typeface from the Hanoded. Previously a beautiful display type: Carpe Noctem. Introducing Summer Romance Font. Summer Romance is a beautiful connected script, made entirely by hand using a Japanese calligraphy brush-pen. It looks good on just about anything: romantic book covers, beauty products, travel websites advertising romantic getaways… Thanks… Continue readingSummer Romance Font

Carpe Noctem Typeface

Carpe Noctem Typeface Continue to be a typeface from the Hanoded. Introducing Carpe Noctem Typeface, if you’re in need of a slightly scary fairytale font, complete with angled edges, swirly bits, a couple of alternate – even more curly – glyphs and an alternate medieval ampersand, then Carpe Noctem is your typeface! Thanks to Hanoded. This… Continue readingCarpe Noctem Typeface

Mysterious Typeface

DK Mysterious Font Continue to be a typeface from the Hanoded. Previously a beautiful script type: Tompouce Font. Introducing Mysterious Typeface. Mysterious is a bit of an unusual font. It looks old fashioned, but it comes with cool stylistic alternates, it could be a didone, but it is not (really), it looks formal, but it is… Continue readingMysterious Typeface

DK Tompouce Font

DK Tompouce Font DK Tompouce Font is a new dramatic scenario. DK Tompouce Font designed by Hanoded. A Tompouce (also know as Tompoes) is a typical Dutch pastry. It consists of a thick layer of pastry cream, sandwiched between two layers of puff pastry. It usually comes with pink icing, except on the king’s birthday, when… Continue readingDK Tompouce Font

Rheiborn Typeface

Rheiborn Free Sans Clean Introducing Rheiborn Typeface! Rheiborn designed by BART.Co Design. Rheiborn is a 2 font family with a mono weight and inked style edges. Rheiborn is inspired by vintage american and european typography. These font duo is great for vintage style logos, badges, labels, posters etc. Thanks to BART.Co Design. This is the… Continue readingRheiborn Typeface

Perfume Classic Script Font

Perfume Classic Demo Version Font lntroducing Perfume Classic Script Font! Say Hi to gorgeous rustic brush script family font Perfume. Perfume is amazing lettering font. With lettering script style this font will perfect for many different project ex: quotes, blog header, poster, wedding, branding, logo, fashion, apparel, letter, invitation, stationery, etc. This font is free… Continue readingPerfume Classic Script Font

Lena Typeface

Lena – Free Font lntroducing Lena Typeface! Lena designed and shared by Vsevolod Abramov, a professional designer from Moscow, Russian Federation. Lena is a stunning all-caps sans serif font. This is ideal font to create impressive headings, gorgeous invitations, logotypes and branding, and much more!! Thanks very much to Vsevolod Abramov, Lena is free for… Continue readingLena Typeface

Foundry Font Kit

Foundry Font Pack Have fun introducing you to a new premium font kit. It will be a great typography for your new project. lntroducing Foundry Font Kit! Foundry designed and shared by Micromove. Foundry is one of the best Stylish Hand Written Script. Best match for logos, header, Titles, Prints & other Creative process possibilities. Create… Continue readingFoundry Font Kit

Adventura Font Family

Adventura Font Family Introducing Adventura Font Family! Adventura designed by me55enjah. Handmade typeface inspired by permanent marker strokes. Simple, bold and casual shape strokes make this typeface easy to read event in a bunch of text. This can be useful for title, quotes, label, etc. Simple, casual and playful. Thanks to me55enjah. This is the demo… Continue readingAdventura Font Family

Alivia Script Font

Alivia Script Font Wonderfulness, it’s hand lettered and modern script font, coming from Mellow Design Lab. Introducing Alivia Script Font. This font are perfect for your blog or postcard for wedding. Also with their help, you can create a logo or beautiful frame for your home. Or just use for your small business, book covers, stationery,… Continue readingAlivia Script Font

Skrova Layered Font

Skrova layered font Introducing Skrova Layered Font! Skrova Layered designed by Studio Dot by dot. Layered font. Including 11 font styles. All Western European accents. Stylistic alternates. Unicase characters, all uppercase and lowercase. Thanks to Studio Dot by dot. This is the demo version. Skrova Layered free for personal use. The full layered font with… Continue readingSkrova Layered Font