Paniatte Cake Font

Paniatte Cake Font
Paniatte Cake Font

Paniatte Cake Font is a font inspired by the sweetness of cakes. In its creation process, we aimed to express the deliciousness and beauty of cakes through letter designs. Each letter and character in the Paniatte Cake font embodies the softness, beauty, and sweet flavors found in every bite of a delectable cake.

The history behind the creation of this font began with our love for cakes. We wanted to create a font that could evoke the sweetness and deliciousness of cakes through unique and captivating letter designs. Paniatte Cake is the result of our exploration in creating letter designs that represent the characteristics of cakes, such as curves that depict the softness of a delightful and appetizing cake. This font brings the taste of delight and happiness associated with the experience of enjoying a cake.

The Paniatte Cake font is perfect for various design projects related to the culinary world, such as creating logos for cake shops, packaging designs, or promotional media that seek to capture attention with a sweet and delightful touch. It can also be used in greeting cards, invitations, or social media designs that aim to convey sweet and cheerful messages.

By installing or using this font, you are agree to the Product Usage Agreement:

  • This font free for personal use.
  • For Corporate use you have to purchase Corporate license
  • If you want the full version and license for commercial use, you can purchase here:

If you need a custom license please contact us at [email protected]

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