Porspican Serif Font

I created this font from decorative titles that I used to hand write on my CDs a decade ago, inspired then by various fonts I liked.

Nov. 28th 2022
This font is brought to you by Frédéric ROBIN https://linktr.ee/robinfredericf
Free for any personal or commercial use.
Feel free to tag me on social media to show this font in use in your designs.

Mar. 5th 2023
This new version 007.16 includes Cyrillic and additional accented Latin characters, and the kerning was reworked. Some characters (such as E, R) have cleaner curves, and a few characters that I had to redesign for Cyrillic (such as the м that must not look like the m, the н that must not look like the h) are also available as opentype alternate latin characters. Previous version 004 from Nov. 27th 2022 is still available here if needed for backward compatibility (kerning) in a document where it was already in use.

: Nov 30, 2022
: 3,961
: robinfredericf
View all Glyphs PorspicanSerif-Regular-007.16-BF6404e552a7847.otf The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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