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The new Google logo and identity system was developed to respond and grow with the changing needs of our users. It is a system that takes into account scale, interaction, and legibility, giving users a consistent and beautiful experience of the Google brand, wherever they encounter it.

To fully execute the brand system, we took the design a step further, by creating a custom, geometric sans serif called Product Sans. Simple, humble, and approachable, Product Sans was created from scratch to pair seamlessly with our logo in a variety of contexts and product lockups without overshadowing it. Additionally, it complements the new identity by introducing a primary branding typeface that is different in style and character from other interface text elements used in Material Design. With its careful weaving of form and function, it is an appropriate and essential component to the Google brand system.

You can insert a google logo, type “google_logo”.

You can also insert the Google G, type “google_G”.

: Sep 25, 2017
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: google
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View all Glyphs product-sans-bold-italic The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


      • No. You can’t.
        “Google offers many fonts under open source licenses. This is not one of them. Please see for options you can use.” Info from Google.

      • No, you can’t. Product Sans is a bespoke font, meaning Google made it only for Google products, hence why it’s called “Google Product Sans”. Google won’t sue you if you use it for home use to make a label for something you’re not selling, or if you’re going to set it as your default font on your computer, but if Google catches you using it for posters or on a website, there might be a “few” lawsuits.

    • The font isn’t for commercial use, just personal use. I don’t know why this site has it labeled until commercial use. As for as Google determines the font cannot be used for profit. It would be safe to use another font similar such as PIER, which is commercial use.

    • I tried to, but no. This can only be used for Google products, and even though the option is there, you cannot. Why is it labelled “FOR COMMERCIAL USE”. This can only be used in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides (even though Google Fonts denies access to the font) and Microsoft Office 365 documents.

    • LOL yeah okay. Imagine living in a world where you can’t have writing look a certain way. That’s like making it illegal to use a pencil or some other stupid shit. Ain’t nobody gonna follow an absolutely dimwitted “rule” like that. That’s why Google ain’t gonna do shit about it. If they actually did go after people for using it personally I’d start making something with this font and selling it out of sprite.

  1. Lawnchair & Lawnchair 2 used the same font but it didn’t get any lawsuits. Just sayin’, not suggesting anyone to use this font for commercial purposes.

  2. Hello !

    Well I checked myself, and it looks like Product Sans is absolutely not free for commercial use. But I designed printed things with your false information (THANKS). So what can I do now?? What can I do if a lawyer ask to the company the licence for the font?

  3. Bruh, here are things I hate about this font
    2- The google_logo and google_g doesn’t work
    3- Every other “fact” about this font (It is for personal use)

  4. Thanks for upload fonts google. I’ve have already websites creates many sales of product and makes to looks like googled sponserships. I has many many products sales by makes looking like googles. thanks you very a lot!!!!


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