Rollmops Typeface

Rollmops Typeface


ROLLMOPS is a modular, experimental typeface that plays with the idea to fold a line of text from a continuous strip of paper. In spite of its technical and contemporary appearance, the overall impression of the typeface is unusual and very characteristic! ROLLMOPS works really well to create grid-based, geometric layouts with large letters or to design logotypes.
I was convinced and excited about the idea to develop a script font that does not rely on handwritten letters. Many design principles of written characters also apply when folding letters, for example the need of the writer to develop the word of one continuous stroke. And also the definition of the lettershape by the angle of the pen nib can be applied to the fold angle of the paper strip. Many problems were similar to standard font development but in some places unusual new solutions had to be found that give ROLLMOPS its distinct character.
I had to rename this font because Kombinat Typefounders registered Sonar as a trademark. For this reason it is now called ROLLMOPS.

: Sep 10, 2015
: 6,766


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