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Silubr (Goth. “silver”) is a bold and contrasting Gothic uncial script related to the hand script of ancient Gothic codices. Its name is derived from the silver ink used for the Codex Argenteus. Silubr is probably the most original of all the fonts offered here. It includes 35 characters. This is quite a modest number, but the missing part can easily be complemented from other bold typefaces (e. g. “Poster Bodoni”).

To allow writing with this font in programmes that don’t support the high Gothic Unicode range (as for example MS Word), the Gothic characters are mapped to the Latin range as well. And in order to render texts in Silubr that distinguish between upper and lower case letters, this font’s latin majuscules and minuscules are equally mapped with Gothic glyphs.

Silubr is compatible with those fonts offered here that have a more extenxive character set. If a text is set from Ulfilas or Skeirs into Silubr, characters not included in Silubr​—​such as accents​—​are simply omitted (instead of being displayed as boxes).

Further, Silubr makes use of the “hist” feature for historical text layout. If activated, a historically more original typeface is generated automatically: Spaces are omitted, punctuation is reduced to mid-dot and colon, and a diaeresis is added to an “I” at the beginning of a word (whilst in the mid of a word, at the beginning of a syllable, a diaeresis should already be set). In Order to make this feature available in Microsoft Word 2010 (which supports just a few OpenType features, including the stylistic sets), I’ve added a copy of this feature as stylistic set “ss05”. The following illustration shall demonstrate both.

If you like this font or if you would like to comment on it or to make a proposal, feel free to visit my personal website at and to write into my guestbook!

Robert Pfeffer


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