SK Nowatorus Font

SK Nowatorus Display Font is a modern display font created by Shriftovik Type Foundry with bohemian motives. This typeface challenges the usual ideas about the structure of symbols and harmony in the typesetting line. The typeface symbols are based on the average contrast of thicknesses and on the contrast of the shapes of the symbols themselves. The font combines both narrow characters of the main set and wide additional ones. This, coupled with a wide range of alternatives and ligatures, gives huge opportunities for creative experiments. SK Nowatorus supports a multilingual set of Latin Pro and Cyrillic Pro. This typeface is perfect for poster design and for a set of small text blocks due to the presence of a capital and lowercase set.

This version is only a demo version with limited features that may only be used for personal purposes. If you’re interested in using SK Nowatorus for commercial projects, take a look at the full version.

: Feb 16, 2023
: 6,667
View all Glyphs SK Nowatorus Trial The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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