• Nokwy Font

    Nokwy Font is a unique display font perfect for contemporary display types and branding. This font has fonts that are attractive enough to attract readers and make them smile. This font looks very simple and pleasing to the eye. 

  • Silvana Font Family

    Basic Fonts, Serif Fonts Sep 20, 2022

    Silvana Serif Font is a flirtatiously charming 80’s retro-inspired typeface with wonderful versatility given it includes 10 fonts. Retaining historic traits while responding to currents of the zeitgeist, it’s a graceful and confident typeface family with an expansive set of both functional and experimental glyphs. The typeface features an ink drop design detail, adding a… Continue readingSilvana Font Family

  • Made Coachella Font Family

    Basic Fonts, Serif Fonts May 1, 2019

    Made Coachella Font Family is a contrasting serif font family. The powerful, straight and technical appearance of a constructed low contrast serif typeface. The carefully rounded corners simply bring up a subtile bit of softness. The Coachella serif font family will perfect for many project: fashion…

  • Oatmeal Font

    Oatmeal Sans Font If you’re looking for a sans serif typeface to attract your audiences or customers then we’ve got the font for you! Oatmeal is a well-balanced font it was designed with focus on legibility, lively details and a kind of a rough but pleasant texture. It works great set large on posters or… Continue readingOatmeal Font

  • GOSHA Font Family

    GOSHA Sans Serif Font This font comes with a geometric sans serif style and a modern and elegant sans serif tagline. It was designed to be versatile, to blend in with your designs in its lighter weights or to give them a lot of personality in its heavier ones. It was inspired by the aesthetics… Continue readingGOSHA Font Family

  • Igra sans Font

      Igra Sans – Free font A versatile complimentary font. Introducing Igra sans! designed and shared by Sergei Godovalov. Igra sans Font well suited for professional clients, commercial and personal projects. Thanks very much to Sergei Godovalov, Igra sans Font is free for personal use and commercial use. Please download and enjoy, or can search more similar fonts… Continue readingIgra sans Font

  • Lokeya Font

    Lokeya Sans Serif Font This is a san serif typeface. It is clean, cute, modern and playful san serif . Lokeya contain several stylistic alternates that can make it unique and different. You can mix & match it to create the perfect combination of your design. Lokeya is perfect for branding projects, Logo design, Clothing… Continue readingLokeya Font

  • Mogula Font

    Mogula Font is a serif modern and classic typeface that has own unique style & modern look. This typeface is perfect for an elegant & luxury logo, book or movie title design, fashion brand, magazine, clothes, lettering, quotes, and so much more. 

  • Publica Slab Font Family

    Slab Serif Fonts Jul 19, 2017

    Publica Slab Free Demo Welcome to fonts, I always want to introduce you to the best typography, best for your design work. And today continues to be a new slab serif typeface. Introducing Publica Slab Font Family! Publica Slab designed by FaceType. ‘Publica Slab’ is the serifed sister of Publica Sans and Publica Play and – packed… Continue readingPublica Slab Font Family

  • Shandon Slab Font Family

    Slab Serif Fonts Sep 20, 2018

    Shandon Slab Font Family adds a new colour to the prominent family of serif-dominant typefaces. A distinctive look with its slightly flowing characteristics sets it apart from most members of the category.

  • Rinnet Slab Serif Font

    Rinnet Slab Serif Font is a classic style slab serif typeface that is moderated with a minimalist touch design, producing beautiful and elegant fonts. This typeface is designed and shared by Tokotype. It’s a geometric slab serif font with a strong and bold look. will make you explore your design style easier, with various alternative… Continue readingRinnet Slab Serif Font

  • Montagu Font Family

    Montagu Slab Serif Font This font is a strong, industrial slab serif with a humanist flare. Despite the strength and sturdiness of the design, each letter shape carries warmth and an echo of the human hand. Low stroke contrast, generous spacing, and fine-grained weights from Thin to Extra Bold make Montagu Slab a versatile text… Continue readingMontagu Font Family

  • Stropha Font

    Stropha Slab Serif Font This is a bold, vintage styled and thick lettered slab serif font crafted & designed by Tour De Force. With distinctive differences between letter stems and with five weights only, Stropha is imagined as small, but “all you really need” family. It’s original, with characteristic serifs, with deep ink traps, curvy… Continue readingStropha Font

  • Sqwared Font Family

    Sqwared Sans Serif Font It’s a condensed display based on an early 1900 sans-serifs and gothic faces and it has 9 weights including italic. Sqwared benefits from large, open counters and a generous x-height that aids clarity and legibility, while a wide footprint gives these fonts a degree of stature and an air of confidence.… Continue readingSqwared Font Family

  • Gangsar Font

    Gangsar Sans Serif Font This font designed by A.Budianto is a sans-serif typeface inspired by the importance of trimming houseplants for healthy growth. Having 6 weights including italic version, strong character, Sharp edges and proportional contrast. The typeface is versatile and can be successfully used in Branding, Posters, Magazines, Websites, Mobile Apps, etc. Gangsar Sans… Continue readingGangsar Font

  • Qhairo Font

    Qhairo Sans Serif Font It’s a modern, luxury, fashionable display sans serif font crafted & designed by OWL KING. Font family contains several sizes, to make it easier and use in design, there are several character letters that can be used as accents when used in a title in making articles, brochures and even for… Continue readingQhairo Font

  • Mango Style Font Family

    Mango Style Sans Serif Font It’s a strong, old style sans serif font creativemedialab with varying thickness and thinness characteristics. Mango Style is a modern branding font with a stylish script alternates. this font is ideal for crafting logos for fashion, apparel brand, luxury projects. This fonts comes in 9 different weights, from thin to… Continue readingMango Style Font Family

  • Lapì Font

    Lapì Sans Serif Font This is a humanist sans-serif typeface, intended to be clear and highly legible at a distance or at small text sizes. Lapì is a work-in-progress typeface wherein shapes are derived like words with panlapì, or affixes—incorporating subtle shifts in the contours, thus, adding nuance to the basic construction of the letterforms… Continue readingLapì Font

  • Dirtyline Font

    Dirtyline Display Font This is an art deco inspired display typeface crafted & designed by Hendra Dirtyline. Sleek and simple with a modern twist. This font is perfect for your design needs such as poster design, logo design, branding, social media design, book, magazine, etc. Dirtyline Display Font is free for personal & commercial use.… Continue readingDirtyline Font

  • Enjoy Please 2 Font

    Enjoy Please 2 Sans Serif Font This is a mellow sans serif typeface designed by mozkito leee. It soothes your design and helps to create to balance your visualization. In order to better reflect the relaxed feeling, the overall inclination of 12° is made to create letter shape more light and dynamic. Enjoy Please 2… Continue readingEnjoy Please 2 Font

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