Yugoslavia – Calligraphic font

Yugoslavia -Calligraphic font-Elegant calligraphic font made with pen and inspired by the classical typographies concatenated born in the S XIX.

The commercial version includes a full set of lowercase with swashes for use at the end of words, plus a set of 8 reversible ornaments for finishing and decoration of sentences and 3 strokes of different styles to emphasize and adorn titles.

This font is ideal for designing greeting cards or weddings, invitations, diplomas, etc. Where you look for a classic style, luxurious or elegant and in turn convey the design tradition and history.

  • Usage keys for ornaments: ( ) [ ] { } | _
  • Bitcoin symbol (ligatures): b#
  • Example: {Yugoslavia}
  • Free for personal use only.


Download Full Version Personal use only

yugoslavia_script-demo-ffp The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

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