Aspergit font

1e781ad944f8475f8dc6c20a6df5a08c 04fee028eccdb98c08fb05801703557b 3e52828143b52dcf9ffb94398213d74b ec7e2a01bf729a173674b89f63fa57ad e4ee0ce8690f6746141531d2c5df550d 8fcaf3d1eda0dee2bddaafaabaa7d6c9 8241c81c21d36410aaa3e76f66a8fa63

The Aspergit Typeface

Hi, thanks for downloading my Aspergit Font Family and I hope you like it. Remember: it’s free for personal and commercial use! Hey, like me on Facebook: to know more about me and what I’m doing.

The Aspergit Typeface was designed by Paulo R in 2013.

Paulo R

: Jul 27, 2015
: 4,041


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