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ikiiko is graphic studio & type foundry located in Surabaya, Indonesia. We create stuning illustration & fonts with style. Enjoy! if you have any questions, you can contact us by email : [email protected]

Janeiro Font

Janeiro Font is a bold font that personifies masculinity and retro vibes! This font dances in a contemporary setting with a fluidity that evokes the energy of the past.

Warna Font

Warna Font - With a design that is both fun and retro-inspired, Warna perfectly embodies that character. The font in question moves to the beat of your imagination. Each figure has a distinctive, hand-crafted quality,

Tokyo City Pop Font

Tokyo City Pop Font yells instead than merely speaking. Its text is bold and funky, dancing across the page and vibrating with the energy of a busy city. Each word evokes a burst of vitality, embodying the youthful spirit and inventiveness that characterize urban landscape.

Whoopie Sunday Font

Whoopie Sunday Font unleashes the energy of the streets with each character. This font, which is bold, edgy, and dripping with street attitude, explodes with urban vitality and inventiveness.

Romancio Font

Romancio Font is a decorative serif typeface that inspired by the spirit of Roman design. This typeface is the perfect choice for projects that call for a touch of elegance and originality because of its bold and ornate style,

Unblocker Font

Unblocker Font is a fascinating and dynamic headline typeface with a commanding presence and timeless elegance. Unblocker emanates a bold personality that draws the eye and demands attention.

Dirty Stains Font

Dirty Stains embracing the fusion of ink and structure. This strong sans-serif typeface provides an emotional experience rather than just letters on a page. Each character exudes the wild energy of city streets, and the ink spill effect blurs the distinction between chaos and creativity.

Paintruck Font

Paintruck Font is a bold vintage serif font with a strong, powerful style that instantly evokes a sense of the past with its pop-retro vibes. The pop retro vibes of the font add a lively energy to any project.

Chemicalife Font

Chemicalife Font is a stunning hand-drawn letterpress typeface created to take your poster designs to new heights, and embrace its retro appeal and aesthetic attraction.

Railway Gank Font

Railway Gank Font - The free-spirited brush strokes of hand lettering and the strong, urban attitude of street markings combine electrifyingly to create Railway Gank. This font effortlessly jumps out and attracts attention because

Apocalypse 13 Font

Apocalypse 13 Font - With its gritty and edgy design, the explosive cyberpunk brush typeface Apocalypse 13 perfectly portrays the feel of a dystopian future. This typeface was created to transport you to the pitch-black, neon-lit streets of a cybernetic metropolis.

The Fright House Font

The Fright House Font - Inspired by classic horror movie posters, with its retro appeal and traditional serif styling, revives the spirit of horror from the 1970s. The nostalgia and appeal of a past of dread is captured by this typeface,

Mildstones Font

Mildstones Font - A contemporary bold condensed sans serif typeface created to breathe life into headlines with its eye-catching presence. Mildstones attracts attention and takes any design project to a new level with its striking and fashionable look.

Peanut Donuts Font

Peanut Donuts Font is a font that perfectly encapsulates nostalgia, you can travel back in time to a time of delectable delicacies and mouthwatering delights. This retro bubble font, which was meticulously crafted, is the ideal option for your vintage products.

Wonderglast Font

Wonderglast Font is a chic sans serif typeface with a seductively avant-garde vibe. This typeface effortlessly captures the spirit of elegance and sophistication thanks to its simple lines and contemporary design.

Nearvana Font

Nearvana Font - This special face type inspired by Nirvana, a famous band name with an iconic logotype, served as a source of inspiration for the classic condensed serif typeface. With thin forms and sharp lines, this typeface conveys a timeless,

Thrasher Head Font

Thrasher Head Font is distinctive handwriting and encapsulates the essence of street style. It gives every design project an urban vibe with its rugged and raw characteristics. This font is the perfect choice for people looking for a strong and influential typeface

Reimbrandt Font

Reimbrandt Font is a classic typeface that is a perfect representation of the timelessness and romance of the past, inspired by the beautiful Art Nouveau era. This alluring typeface transports you back to a time when elegance and grace were the norm.

Magical Tours Font

Magical Tours Font is a stunning typeface with the retro appeal and allure of a psychedelic design. This distinctive bottom thickness typeface takes you on a fantastic journey through time while still maintaining a timeless aesthetic.

Amoretti Font

Amoretti Font is an expressionist handwritten typeface whose ethereal and flowing strokes perfectly reflect the soul of a poet's work. The erratic twists and turns give the appearance of an authentic, passionate,

Kampione Font

Kampione Font is a typeface that was inspired by classic movies and frequently makes people nostalgic for the height of cinema. This typeface is distinguished by its strong, dramatic letterforms,

Hyper Bleach Font

Hyper Bleach Font is a flowing and expressive hand-drawn font that perfectly encapsulates urban culture and modern style. This font gives a feeling of movement and fluidity.

Zeppelotta Font

Zeppelotta Font is a classic serif font adapted from the art deco style, a visual style that emerged in the 1920s and 1930s. This font is characterized by bold geometric shapes, a symmetrical design, and a sense of modernity and glamour.

Microphone Check Font

Microphone Check Font is inspired by the bold and expressive signature strokes of the 90s street hip hop movement. In that era, freestyle marking was a method of self-expression that was closely associated with the underground graffiti scene.