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ikiiko is graphic studio & type foundry located in Surabaya, Indonesia. We create stuning illustration & fonts with style. Enjoy! if you have any questions, you can contact us by email : [email protected]

Land Of Fear Font

Land Of Fear Font is a hand-drawn street brush font in an urban style that has a gritty and edgy look, conveying the roughness of city streets. The letters have bold characters and appear to be scratched quickly with a strong brush.

Chunky Beard Font

Chunky Beard Font is a vintage font with bold, rounded letterforms with vintage vibes from the 60's era. These fonts often have heavy, wide strokes and lack clear borders, giving them a warm and inviting appeal.

Back In Black Font

Back In Black Font is a hand-drawn brush font that attempts to reflect the urban vibe of suburban walls. The expressive stroke style of this typeface mimics the look of graffiti and other street art with bold strokes that produce striking, eye-catching graphics.

Moon Swing Font

Moon Swing Font is a thin-minimalist style typography that embodies both modernism and futurism. The simplicity and clean forms combined with the decorative curves convey a futuristic aspect that represents the future.

Mockey Clown Font

Mockey Clown Font is a decorative hipster font in a cloud style. This font is a contemporary and stylish typeface that is ideal for any creative project looking for a distinctive and trendy look.

Nutshell Crew Font

Nutshell Crew Font is a rough handwriting type inspired by hand-drawn street brushes. A type of decorative font that features bold, brush-like strokes, often resembling calligraphy, graffiti, or hand-painted lettering.

Clockwork Lemon Font

Clockwork Lemon Font - This vintage and attractive sans-serif font features a classic and stylish look. Its bold lines and sharp angles give the perfect balance of a modern and timeless feel. Ideal for any project needing a touch of sophistication.

Motownphilly Font

Motownphilly Font is a handwritten script typeface inspired by the typography styles of Movie titles and the American Classic Show & Orchestra in the 1950s. This typeface is designed to give the appearance of an expressive style.

New Yorkies Font

New Yorkies Font - This striking and fashion-forward display font is sure to turn heads. New Yorkies’ stylish and unique letterforms are designed to make a statement, drawing the eye and commanding attention.

Straight Forward Font

Straight Forward Font adds an edge to any project. Perfect for creating bold headlines, captivating logos, and eye-catching graphics, it’s an excellent choice for those looking for a unique touch in their designs.

Broadster Font

Broadster Font is a decorative sans serif typeface, inspired by typography from classic 60s American advertising & automotive visual styles of the time. This typeface is designed to give the appearance of a formal yet expressive style.

Wetnessday Font

Wetnessday Font is a vintage-inspired display font with a modern twist. With its chunky letterforms and striking curves, this font exudes confidence and personality. Perfect for creating eye-catching headlines,

Madness Attitude Font

Madness Attitude Font is a modern font that will make you feel powerful and untouchable. Thanks to the unique calligraphy writing technique, the font will fit posters, magazine layouts, party flyers, quotes, or any kind of project that requires an insane look. 

Moonie Eyes Font

Moonie Eyes Font is a handwritten font with spontaneous curves inspired by street art markings. The letters bubble and pile up on each other to become strong characters in these graffiti letters.

Monday Tuesday Font

Monday Tuesday Font is a thick slab display font with a touch of retro style. Its funky and casual vibe is perfect for creating fun posters, eye-catching social media posts, headlines, quirky stickers, apparel, and more! 

Styleturn Font

Styleturn Font is a stylish blackletter font with a more minimalist and modern form. This type has a character of hipster vibes, hip-hop, youth, urban culture, etc. This typeface is suitable for making a poster, magazine layout, brand logo,

Stray Cuts Font

Stray Cuts Font is a raw and expressive brush font with a touch of “Surf Vibes”. This type has a freestyle line with a sharp-cut shape. This typeface is perfect for an extreme sports event, poster, flyer, magazine cover, streetwear brand,

Marleone Brando Font

Marleone Brando Font is a bold-sturdy font with strong character, inspired by the typeface in mafia films. Marleone Brando is a simple font with a bold size with shadow lines inside, making this font look elegant and classy.

Mother Bones Font

Mother Bones Font was inspired by the handwriting style of the 90s, where the Seattle sound trended with a raw, wild, and freestyle. With spontaneous strokes and unique lines, this font has strong vibes from the 90s era.

Boom Shakalaka Font

Boom Shakalaka Font is an urban-style brush display font. Bold, expressive, and trendy, this font will be a great addition to your fonts library as it has the potential to elevate any project. 

Turkeyes Font

Turkeyes Font is a stylish, bohemian display font. Contemporary and fresh, it is perfect for any design you wish to create. Add it to your creative projects and make them outstanding! 

Hypebuzz Font

Hypebuzz Font is an urban sans serif font with a distinctive wide shape. Its urban, hipster-vibe type is great for posters, magazine layouts, brand logos, party flyers, quotes, or simply as a stylish text overlay to any background image. 

Perola Font

Perola Font is a fun and quirky display font. This typeface will enhance your craft with little effort, making your product stand out from the competition. 

Moressans Font

Moressans Font is a sans serif typeface with a thin and rounded shape. Specially designed for luxury, elegant, feminine projects, this font is perfectly suitable for creating modern, chic designs.