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ikiiko is graphic studio & type foundry located in Surabaya, Indonesia. We create stuning illustration & fonts with style. Enjoy! if you have any questions, you can contact us by email : [email protected]

Naughty Klan Font

Naughty Klan Font is an urban display font with a rough and expressive brush shape. Its youthful and fresh appearance is perfect for a large variety of projects, such as streetwear, apparel, stickers, tote bags, hats, or anything that needs a trendy look. 

Dauntea Font

Dauntea Font is a stylish, unique, and elegant serif font. Modern and gorgeous, this font would be perfect for all your creative ideas that require a chic accent. 

Kantata Aksara Font

Kantata Aksara Font is a unique and incredibly interesting display font inspired by Indian culture. With its stylish shapes, this typeface is perfect for cultural logos, ethnic designs, yoga and meditation projects, beauty products,

Tjempaka Font

Tjempaka Font is a stylish and elegant serif font. With its unique and refined style, this font is perfect for fashion branding or editorial designs. Use this font for your designs and explore its endless possibilities. 

Poespa Indah Font

Poespa Indah Font was inspired by vintage store signs in the classic era of Indonesia around the 60s. In particular, this typeface is designed to give a formal yet old-style look. Poespa Indah has a sans serif typeface with bold to light contrast.

Djaman Doeloe Font

Djaman Doeloe Font is a classic serif typeface with a unique decorative element. Is an extension of the word taken from the Indonesian language term “jadoel” which means antiquity.

Walking Broadway Typeface

Walking Broadway Typeface is a serif bold type, that inspired by typography from a vintage movie & newspaper at that era. This typeface is designed to give a formal yet old style look. Walking Broadway has a distinctive bold to light contrast shape.

Bourjois Font

Bourjois Font is inspired by "Bourgeoisie" , it is term for characteristic of the middle class, typically with reference to its perceived materialistic values or conventional attitudes. Bourjois is display type with elegant and classy impression.

Rocketeers Typeface

Rocketeers Typeface is a condensed type with a simple Art Deco vibes. Inspired by the writing style of the 1930s era. A bold and sturdy aesthetic style characterizes this font. Some alternates styles can be adjust to explore different shapes.

Seribu Bulan Font

Seribu Bulan Font is inspired by term in the Islamic world about the night of Lailatul Qadr in the month of Ramadan. Seribu Bulan is a display type adapted from the form of a slab serif style.

Clarinet Font

Clarinet Font is a display type inspired by retro fonts in the 60s era. The letters are bold serif fonts with simple vintage strokes. This font has the characteristics of a serif font that is firm and sturdy but still has flexibility.

Autumn Field Typeface

Autumn Field Typeface is rough and exotic handwriting style with unique line curves. Autumn Field is also combine with a ton of stylistic to choose. This typeface is perfect for an elegant logo, poster font, magazine layout, headline font,

Vignettes Typeface

Vignettes Typeface is a traditional serif typeface with many unique decorative features. You can choose the type of decoration that suits what you need. Vignettes also have bold font characters with elegant and feminine shapes.

The Black Knight Font

The Black Knight Font is inspired by the typeface in the era of the old European empire, with a lettering style but with a modern touch. The Black Knight has several choices of unique letter alternates as in classic writing.

Space Odyssey Typeface

Space Odyssey Typeface is a display type with a character of semi-condensed sans serif combined with stretched font characters. This letter has a choice of stretch shapes to play with that.

Reinfolk Font

Reinfolk Font is a sans serif typeface with a unique decorative shape. The form is a combination of the sans typeface with the tail character on the slab letter, so that it forms a unique formation and has a distinctive character.

Killuminati Font

Killuminati Font is a simple english old type with modern blackletter style. This typeface is inspired by gothic & classic rock band logo. killuminati has a bold font with a combination of sharp and curved corners.

Goodzillaz Font

Goodzillaz Font is a fun & playful typeface with a bouncing style. Unique gestures show joy and happiness vibes. This letter is suitable if you want to show a cheerful impression or playful design with solid color.

Loven Latte Font

Loven Latte Font is a handwriting font style with unique line and a natural feel. This typeface is perfect for an wedding invitiation, magazine layout, love letter, beauty product, packaging product,

Kungfoo Fighter Font

Kungfoo Fighter Font is inspired by the asian character brush strokes. This font has a bold & bold character, with flexible curves. This typeface is perfect for poster design, food & beverages, asian stuff, community logo,

Langlock Font

Langlock Font is a serif typeface inspired by classic fairy tales with wizard era fonts. This typeface is perfect for an classic or vintage book layout, fairy tale, magical stuff, flyer design, poster design,

Milleniapolis Typeface

Milleniapolis Typeface is a condensed type with a simple and playable font. Thin and tall font characters make it easy to adjust and fun to explore different shapes and layouts.

Classicismo Font

Classicismo Font is inspired by typography of classic motorcycle brand. The letters are bold serif fonts with a classic swashes type. This font has a characteristic serif font that is firm and sturdy but still has flexibility.

Bare Knuckles Font

Bare Knuckles Font is a raw and expressive brush font with a touch of street style. This type has a freestyle shape with a bold lines characterize this font.