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ikiiko is graphic studio & type foundry located in Surabaya, Indonesia. We create stuning illustration & fonts with style. Enjoy! if you have any questions, you can contact us by email : [email protected]

Black Butcher Font

Black Butcher Font is inspired by logo/ typography of classic american muscle car. The letters are bold script fonts with a flexible and straight line. This font have a unique waveform and has a large selection of stylistic sets.

House of Montague Typeface

House of Montague Typeface is a traditional font for the classic serif type with the addition of a script type. A simple font, with a thin size, adds an elegant and classy impression.

Akira Font

Akira Font - Calm brush script type, adapted from Japanese zen culture. Akira typeface uses firm lines with strong curves with lots of alternates & stylistic options to choose.

Sailor Vito Typeface

Sailor Vito Typeface is a traditional serif typeface with a with a touch of victorian and old english style. This font shape is simple form but has a strong serif hook character. This typeface is perfect for an brand logo,

The Athens Font

The Athens Font is inspired by the ropes in the runner's finish line. The letters are script fonts with a flexible and wavy style. This font have a unique waveform and has a large selection of stylistic sets.

Bluntype Typeface

Bluntype Typeface is a brush script display font with a blunt & bold shape style. This typeface has a wide selection of alternative styles to choose from. You can play around by using various stylistic sets to form the character you want.

Camera Obscura Font

Camera Obscura Font was inspired by typography from a vintage New York City newspaper. In particular, this typeface is designed to give a formal yet old style look Camera Obscura has a serif typeface with bold to light contrast.

The Cleopatras Typeface

The Cleopatras Typeface is a clean serif font with unique characters, having a variety of alternative style sets to choose. You can use various techniques to form different characters.

Little Ribbon Font

Little Ribbon Font is a beautiful handwritten typeface with bold shapes combining simple lines. This letter is suitable if you want to show a cheerful impression or playful design with solid color.

Tjoekil Kajoe Typeface

Tjoekil Kajoe Typeface is a linocut typography shape adapted to indonesian vernacular culture with many decorative glyphs. You can play with sizes, alternatives and styles to get the style of typographic character just the way you want it.

El Mariachi Typeface

El Mariachi Typeface is a unique typeface inspired by a Mexican vibe. A simple, bold sans serif typeface combined with attractive ligatures gives this font a strong character. This font is perfect to create layout for vintage design,

New Kids Crew Font

New Kids Crew Font is a raw and expressive brush font with touch of street style. This type has a freestyle shape that has the characteristics of freedom, youth and is filled with unique characters.

Le Cirque Font

Le Cirque Font is a circus vibes with a touch of vintage stye. Le Cirque has both modern and retro look. The perfect one to create layout design in 60s or 70s design projects.

Kaivalya Typeface

Kaivalya Typeface is a cultural font that has beautiful gestures, with a touch of tradition. Kaivalya is a serif typeface with many stylistic and ligature to choose. This typeface is perfect for an elegant logo, yoga & meditation stuff,

Fielke Font

Fielke Font is elegant type with a beautiful decorative shape. This type is crafted with the touch of craftmanship. Fielke also clean have a ton of stylistic alternatives to choose.

Silvercrush Font

Silvercrush Font is a rough letters with expressive strokes and have a strong character for street art typeface. Silvercrush typeface is perfect for an poster event, urban brand, hipster magazine, fashion stuff, quotes,

Brooklyn Pirates Font

Brooklyn Pirates Font is a hipster typeface using handwriting in street and urban style, with a large selection of swashes that you can wear however you like. This type is very suitable for making a brand logo, poster design,

Newaves Font

Newaves Font is a combination of beauty neat & luxury sans serif typeface with a simply script style. This typeface is perfect for an elegant logo, luxury fashion brand, magazine layout for header or headline, beauty product,

Brownie Fox Font

Brownie Fox Font is a vintage & classy decorative type that reminds us of fairy tale books when we were kids. This typeface is perfect for an books cover, illustration for kids, vintage poster, vintage product,

Southern Clan Font

Southern Clan Font is a expressive handwriting type with a 80's street graffiti shape. This type is very suitable for making a poster, t-shirt design, magazine header, brand logo, sleeve cover, party flyer, quotes,

Tropicalismo Font

Tropicalismo Font is a festive handwriting typeface with holiday vibes, fun and joy. You will feel the freshness and pleasure in expression. This typeface is perfect for an holiday season stuff like poster, flyer, or email blast.

Afrocultures Font

Afrocultures Font is a handwriting with unique and exotic line curves typeface with ton of alternatives to choose. This typeface is perfect for an elegant logo, magazine layout, headline font, header page, beauty product, packaging product, quotes,

Maxmillion Font

Maxmillion Font is a expressive handwriting type with a modern and wild shape used 80's vibes. This type is very suitable for making a posters, t-shirt design, neon sign, party flyer, quotes, or simply as a stylish text overlay to any background image. 

The Rascals Font

The Rascals Font is a raw brush type, with the mood of young & wild. You can play with uppercase and lowercase letters to get the character you want. This typeface is perfect for an event poster, magazine cover, hipster fashion brand,