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We are a team of graphic designers based in Italy and more precisely in Bari province. Unio is the latin word for union, it merges us into our mutual passion: design. https://www.instagram.com/unio.creative

Nova Klasse Font

Nova Klasse Font is a modern geometric sans serif typeface that bursts with personality. It combines circular and rectangular shapes to create a distinct look, while incorporating organic details and unconventional touches for added warmth and character.

Neue Comic Display Font

Neue Comic Display Font is a rounded typeface making a bold entrance into the design scene, aiming to redefine the delicate balance between playfulness and practicality in typography.

Abominio Font

Abominio Font is a captivating display typeface featuring an innovative design of recurring chiseled forms. This font  aims to capture the spirit of maximalism culture, offering a valuable asset for consumer-oriented designs, allowing them to stand out in a in a sea of competitors.

Meridiana Pro Font Family

The concept behind Meridiana Pro Font was to create an amalgamation between a rounded sans and a monospaced font in order to obtain an extensive and usable variable type-system.

Chinook Font

Chinook Font has been designed as an homage to the iconic chunky look of the Italian movie titling from the 70s and 80s. Despite its vintage flair, our sturdy display font is perfectly adaptable for any contemporary context with its balanced and soft text typesetting.

Moai Freebie Font

Moai Freebie Font is a neo-brutalist variable typeface conceived with flexible proportions and a singular heavy weight, including the oblique. Useful for any quirky display uses.

Aeternus Font

Aeternus Font, a new geometric Sans Serif Variable typeface, with matching italics. The combination of different heights and weights provides versatility in any text usage and opens a whole new world of possibilities.

Macaw Font

Macaw Font is a welcome addition to our library, a modern serif typeface with roots in classical typography. Its forms are sober and delicate in its lightest weights and as the width increases to the boldest, it unleashes a powerful and distinctive emphasis on your project.

Rosebay Rounded Font

Rosebay Rounded Font - an unconventional slab serif that introduces some distinctive traits like innovative arched slabs and claw ink-traps. Excellent for any modern communication project.

Kinetica Freebie Sans Serif Font

Introducing “Kinetica Freebie Sans Serif Font” – a versatile wide typeface, inspired by motion and globalization. Suited for a maximum visual impact. Outlined version...

Argon Sans Serif Font

Introducing “Argon Sans Serif Font Free Demo” – a functional modern-grotesk font, inspired by the aesthetics of 1950's Swiss rationalism. The mono-linear solid design...

Small Moshi Moshi Font

Introducing “Small Moshi Moshi Font” – Inspired by Japanese street posters, this all-caps block typeface delivers modernness with some brushy imperfections. Taking inspiration from Japanese hand-painted street art,...

Plastic Sans Font

Introducing “Plastic Sans Freebie Font” – a contemporary distorted outlined typeface inspired by a digital glitch, designed to add a touch of creativity and abstract appeal to...

Monolith Sans Font Family

Monolith Sans Font Family, in the commercial version, includes two contrasting versions: Light and Regular with corresponding true italics. This font family combine modernist shapes with slight grotesque touches

Renaissance Font

Introducing “Renaissance Font - Freebie” – a minimalistic hand-lettered all-caps sans combined with a free collection of elegant line drawings. This kit is meant to be versatile...

Ballyhoo Display Font

Create stylish typography design with Ballyhoo Display Font Freebie, our brand-new quirky typeface. This irreverent font is fully loaded with slightly irregular chunky characters which can...

Let’s Jazz Sans Serif Font

Introducing “Let's Jazz Sans Serif Font” – a playful typeface which is inspired by iconic mid-century American advertising and lettering.