Monolith Sans Font Family

Monolith Sans Font Family
Monolith Sans Font Family

Introducing “Monolith Font Freebie” – a contemporary sans which focus on clarity and legibility.

Monolith Sans Font Family, in the commercial version, includes two contrasting versions: Light and Regular with corresponding true italics. This font family combine modernist shapes with slight grotesque touches. Each variant was designed with an attentive optical evaluation; curves, details and spaces were specifically tweaked to better suit the requirements of a highly-legible typeface.

The end result is a family with full multilingual capabilities and a coverage of several languages based on the Latin alphabet; It’s aims to become your next typographic companion.

Do you need a license? Click here.

Freebie Specifications:

– Files included: MonolithLight Italic Freebie

– Formats: .otf

Help file included. Backgrounds NOT included.

: Nov 5, 2019
: 15,770
View all Glyphs MonolithFreebie-LightItalic.otf The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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