Cas Phillway Typeface

Cas Phillway Sans Serif Typeface
Cas Phillway Sans Serif Typeface

Cas Phillway Sans Serif Typeface

We were departing from the recent trend, an approach to typefaces that seems simple but has quite striking accents on some letters.
We are presenting our latest work called Cas Phillway.
Cas Phillway is an implementation of effortless beauty. We keep the aesthetic letterform on legibility and readability as the Display typeface is presented. They were formed with high contrast in each shape in each character. Also, additional stylistic sets provide other options for variation to extend the unprecedented scope of this font. Complete with stylistics set characters, ligatures, and multi-language support. Then coupled with the proportions of figures and symbols in harmony with the basic letters, give a more initial impression of the work you will create.

: Jun 27, 2022
: 3,213
: CasloopStudio
View all Glyphs CasPhillway-DEMO-Regular.ttf The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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