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In 2008 I had tried to draw my “handwriting” into the computer using a mouse, just for fun, turning it into a font. AFontblog article about Comic Sans prompted the release of my typeface under the name Comic Jens. Shortly thereafter, Jürgen Siebert published a full article called Neue Alternative zur Comic Sans about my typeface. During the first month more than 1400 people downloaded my font.

The fonts are available under the “Creative Commons-by-nd” licence, which means you are free to share them, and use them for any work (including commercial works) as long as you include a reference to the author (that’s me). Comic Jens has it’s own homepage.

Version 2.0 of Comic Jens has been released on 13 May 2010. It corrects some issues with a couple of letter forms and is now in TrueType-based OpenType format and features extended language support (including Cyrillc and Greek, more than WGL4), more OpenType features and improved screen display. Please see the specimen PDF included in the download for details.


Free for all .


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