Da Milion Font

Da Milion Font is a contemporary display serif. It is classic with modern twist. This font is not merely a collection of letters but a narrative conveyed softly through the strokes of sketch-like textures adorning each character. Every stroke and texture adds a new dimension, turning each vowel into a dance of life across the pages.

With the seamlessly integrated sketches, “Da Milion” delivers a profound visual experience. Every accent and point comes to life, creating text that is not just read but felt. Experience the gentleness of every serif curve crafted through an artistic hand, as if sharing unspoken stories with every letter.

“Da Milion” is not just a font; it’s an art form that speaks through the silent vocals of sketch strokes. Perfect for projects requiring character and warmth, it provides space for designers and writers to express their creativity with a touch so natural. Enjoy a new adventure with “Da Milion” in every piece of your work!

Thanks to zelow type. Da Milion Font is the demo version, free for personal use only.

Link to purchase full version and commercial license: HERE  

: Feb 26, 2024
: 1,920
View all Glyphs Da Milion The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
View all Glyphs Da Milion Expanded The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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