Drivzen Font

Drivzen Font is a modern serif display typeface that exudes timeless elegance and strength. This is in line with the character of the letters which are very clean without unnecessary knick-knacks in each letter. Drivzen Modern Classy Unique Serif Font stands tall and exudes a confident vibe. People who read various texts using this font do not need to bother to be able to read and understand it, in other words, this is a legible font.

As the name implies, Drivzen Modern Classy Unique Serif Font is perfect for use in various formal events, such as weddings and multiple parties. This font is modern fonts and elegant fonts. It can be used for fashion branding, business cards, book covers, and magazine covers. This font can be printed in small or large sizes and still looks great up close or afar.

Thanks very much to Kong Font. Drivzen Font just personal use only, if you need for commercial use and full version please download in here.

: Jun 19, 2024
: 1,045
View all Glyphs DrivzenPersonalUseOnly-DYaWx The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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