EFCO Colburn Font

EFCO Colburn Font is a vintage humanist condensed serif display font. Inspired by lettering found on vintage tins, with an expansive range of styles, from compressed to extended, Colburn is a display typeface that captures the essence of nostalgia while offering modern versatility. The uniform square shapes provide a solid foundation, lending the font a sense of stability and strength.

With a wide spectrum of weights and widths, you can effortlessly mold this versatile typeface to suit any project or mood. Colburn’s variable font technology ensures seamless transitions between different styles, empowering you to create dynamic and harmonious compositions. From packaging and posters to websites and branding materials.

: Jul 17, 2023
: 5,849
View all Glyphs EFCOColburn-DEMO The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog



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