Soft Mouth Font

Soft Mouth Font is an aesthetic vintage typography font, inspired from the past, elegant signage, gold leaf, sign painting and old label product. This font style exudes an air of refinement and opulence, perfect for adding a touch of grandeur to your design projects.

The “Soft Mouth Victorian Typeface” offers a versatile range of options with its four font families: Regular, Hole, Ornament, and Serif. The “Regular” font family serves as a reliable choice for everyday text, providing legibility and clarity. The “Hole” font family adds a unique twist, featuring intricate designs with hollowed-out letterforms, creating an intriguing visual effect. The “Ornament” font family boasts exquisite decorative elements, allowing you to embellish your designs with ornate flourishes. Lastly, the “Serif” font family offers a classic and refined aesthetic, perfect for evoking a sense of tradition and sophistication.

This typeface includes a comprehensive set of ligatures and alternates, enabling seamless connections between letters and enhancing the overall flow and visual harmony of your text. With an impressive collection of 666 glyphs, you’ll have an extensive range of characters and symbols at your disposal, allowing you to unleash your creativity and experiment with various typographic compositions.

As an added bonus, the “Soft Mouth Victorian Typeface” comes bundled with bonus features. You’ll find a selection of beautifully crafted frames that can be used to accentuate and highlight specific content within your designs. Additionally, delicate and enchanting flower ornaments are included, offering an exquisite touch of natural beauty to enhance your typographic arrangements.

Whether you’re working on elegant invitations, branding projects that require a touch of vintage sophistication, or creating elaborate typographic artworks, the “Soft Mouth Victorian Typeface” is a must-have resource. Its Victorian elegance, extensive features such as ligatures and alternates, a rich collection of 666 glyphs, and the added bonus of frames and floral embellishments, make it an invaluable asset for bringing a sense of timeless charm to your creative endeavors.

Soft Mouth Font is provided to you by alit design. Free for personal, non-profit use. For commercial use you need to buy a license here 

: Jul 17, 2023
: 5,702
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