Inerta Font

Inerta Sans Serif Font

This font is designed with an elegant, clean and classy mood. It is designed to work perfectly in UI/UX applications, and to remain readable in smallest font sizes. With over 950 glyphs, the font family offers extensive language support and many typesetting options to choose from.

The typeface can be customised with several sets of alternate glyphs and OpenType features. The Cyrillic part contains alternates for Bulgarian as well as alternative Ukrainian forms.

Inerta Sans Serif Font is provided to you by Mint Type. Free for personal, non-profit use. For commercial use you need to buy a license here 

: Apr 26, 2021
: 7,718
View all Glyphs Mint Type - Inerta-LightItalic The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
View all Glyphs Mint Type - Inerta-Light The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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