Nikkei Maru Font

Nikkei Maru Sans Serif Font

This is a font that will make your design looks bold, modern and unique. Nikkei Maru it is a tribute to Japanese immigration done typographically. The project started from a collection of photographs of the ships that brought Japanese immigrants to the American continent, and from our interest in researching the history of immigration, fueled by our own ancestry. In addition to the intercontinental transit, the research also addresses the arrival and establishment of Nikkei – Japanese living abroad and their descendants – on the new continent. The immigration process inspired other aspects of typography, such as newspapers from the Nikkei communities that were a reference for the lower case, and different experiences lived by immigrants who are represented by dingbats.

Nikkei Maru Sans Serif Font is free for personal use. So, if you want to access more features and its full license contact Inari Type designer

: Aug 22, 2022
: 6,210
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