Olesia Font

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Olesia is a free handwriting font characterised by curly swashes and loops that give it a natural and romantic feel. Designed and released by Julia Dreams.

Olesia is a script typeface with a difference: its extra loops and curly swashes, on letters like ‘b’ and ‘E’, add a charmingly care-free air that it lends to any design it’s used in.

Ideal as a display face, whenever you need to inject a natural, feminine, or romantic, feel into a design. Perfect for healthy food packaging, travel guides, or even a fahsion brand, use Olesia to make that all-important human connection between company and user.

Packed with personality, the generous proportions and distinctive letter forms, make Olesia a highly-usable script face.

: Mar 19, 2016
: 6,088


  1. How does the Floral folder work in this download. I can not get it to read in photoshop or photoshop element.
    What programme must I use. Please help. 🙂


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