Stancilo Font

Stancilo Font is a modern semi serif display font from designer Ardyanatypes. With a distinctive design and superior aesthetics, this font gives each character an elegant and modern touch.

Stancilo font has nine different thicknesses, ranging from thin to bold, providing flexibility and variation. Thus, this font can be used for various design purposes, from main headings to body text, with the ability to adjust the desired intensity and emphasis.

One of the advantages of Stancilo is the presence of alternate letters and ligatures that provide character variations for each letter. Allows users to combine alternate letters or use special ligatures to create more harmonious combinations and relationships between characters within words. This feature adds a sense of personalization and additional creativity to the design.

Furthermore, Stancilo font also supports multiple languages, making it suitable for multilingual design projects. With the support of diverse languages, this font enables effective and comprehensive visual communication in various cultural contexts.

Stancilo is a prominent serif font with a unique form, providing nine different thicknesses, alternate letters, and ligatures. These advantages make it suitable for elegant, modern designs and allow for creative exploration in using its letters. With support for multiple languages, this font becomes a versatile and inclusive choice for diverse design projects.

Stancilo Font is DEMO font not containing all of its glyphs, and for PERSONAL USE ONLY. But every donation is greatly appreciated.

Link to purchase full version and commercial license: HERE 

: Jun 28, 2023
: 4,891
View all Glyphs StanciloRegular-rg62A The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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