Unifraktur Maguntia Font


UnifrakturMaguntia is based on Peter Wiegel’s font Berthold Mainzer Fraktur which is in turn based on a 1901 typeface by Carl Albert Fahrenwaldt. While the glyph design of Peter Wiegel’s font has hardly been changed at all, UnifrakturMaguntia uses smart font technologies for displaying the font’s ligatures (OpenType, Apple Advanced Typography and SIL Graphite). An experimental feature is the distinction of good blackletter typography between required ligatures ‹ch, ck, ſt, tz› that must be kept when letterspacing is increased, and regular ligatures (for instance, ‹fi, fl›) that are broken up when letterspacing is increased.

UnifrakturMaguntia is optimized for @font-face linking on the internet by combining standards compliance with a permissive license.

UnifrakturMaguntia has first been published in 2010 at UnifrakturMaguntia. It has been edited with FontForge, the libre outline font editor. OpenType features have been added with FontForge directly. AAT features have been added with ftxenhancer of the Apple Font Tools. Graphite has been added with the Graphite Compiler. For more information about AAT and Graphite, you may want to check out the Free Tengwar Font Project: Adding Graphite and AAT to a font.


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