Velvetta Font
Velvetta Font

The “Velvetta” font family epitomizes beauty and elegance in every character. With two distinct styles, Regular and Italic, this font is the perfect choice to infuse sophistication into your design projects.

Key Features: Elegance and Beauty: Velvetta has been meticulously crafted to ensure each letter is visually captivating. It’s an ideal choice for creating stunning quotes and long paragraphs in your designs.

Feminine Appeal: This font is perfectly suited for designs with a feminine touch, such as fashion, magazines, and logos with a simple yet enchanting design.

its personal used for commercial used
please contact me :
[email protected]

Read !!
Hi, please note that this font is for use only
Not allowed for COMMERCIAL use
anything unless you buy the LICENSE first.
You can buy a license at

If you violate use for needs
commercial without purchasing a license first,
you will be charged a minimal fee

Thank you, please support each other yes)


Halo, perlu diketahui bahwa font ini hanyak untuk penggunaan
Tidak diperbolehkan untuk penggunaan KOMERSIL
apapun kecuali anda membeli LISENSI-nya terlebih dahulu.
Lisensi bisa anda beli di

Apabila anda melanggarmenggunakan untuk kebutuhan
komersil tanpa membeli lisensinya terlebih dahulu,
anda akan dikenakan biaya minimal
Rp 25.000.000 (Dua Puluh Lima Juta Rupiah)

Terima kasih , mohon saling support ya )

: Oct 17, 2023
: 5,014
: mhdafifersya
View all Glyphs Velvetta-Personal-Use-BF652e65f180768.otf The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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