Zukunft Font Family

Zukunft Font Family

Zukunft Font Family is a display serif font that radiates modern elegance and classic appeal. Though using traditional proportions, the design explores a more futuristic approach; the letters overall seem more digitally created, featuring triangular serifs, right angles and strict horizontal lines.

Besides the Regular style, suitable for body copy, the Italic brings back some flow and warmth, making it a good decorative companion. And then there’s the display cut; with a high contrast and sharp serifs this is the perfect choice for headlines and posters.

Compared to the rest of our designs, Zukunft is a rather conventional but versatile typeface you can probably use for a wider range of projects. Wether short paragraphs, big titles or branding work, the diverse styles will fit and ensure a unique look. Don’t forget to use the numerous alternates for letters and figures, as well as special symbols and italic capital swashes to make use of the full potential of Zukunft!

Zukunft Font is free for personal use. So, if you want to access more features and its full license contact La Bolde Vita designer

: Jul 2, 2024
: 790
View all Glyphs ZukunftTrial-Regular The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
View all Glyphs ZukunftTrial-Display The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
View all Glyphs ZukunftTrial-Italic The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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