Alcubierre Typeface

Alcubierre Alcubierre Alcubierre Alcubierre Alcubierre p255

This amazing & free sans serif custom font is from Matt Ellis. Download & enjoy 😉

Please take a look at amazing artworks from Matt Ellis here!

: Aug 25, 2015
: 70,839


  1. Matt, I am stunned by this contemporary, elegant and simple font you created. Thank you for this! I would love to use it for my business but came across one little problem. When I want to use it for German language texts I need one more letter that doesn’t seem to exist: the “ß”. It’s used like a double s but from an orthographic point of view you cannot just replace it by double s and orthograpy is obvioulsy of importance in the business context…

    So here’s the question: Is there any chance at all that you could include this weird German letter in your beautiful font and make me (and probably many other folks from Germany, Austria and Switzerland) a very happy person and proud user of Alcubierre?

    Many thanks and best wishes


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