Comic Papyrus Font – FINALLY!

Comic Papyrus Font – FINALLY!
Comic Papyrus Font – FINALLY!

Comic Papyrus Font – FINALLY!

Move over Brangelina. And Bennifer. And Kimye, TomKat*, and Desilu. And sporks. And ligers. EVERYONE MOVE OVER! We’re making room for the world’s first genetically engineered superfont.

Presenting Comic Papyrus. You heard right — COMIC FREAKIN’ PAPYRUS! Your two most favoritest fonts ever have FINALLY been smooshed together typographically, just as Darwin intended. Cross-bred. Cross-awesomified.

So stop wasting hours switching back and forth between your two old favorites, and just use your new favorite instead. Comic Papyrus combines the timeless rustic qualities from centuries past with the hilarious fun-loving wit of today’s funny pages. It’ll make you laugh (like a joke) and cry (like a mummy). Simultaneously!…

: Apr 2, 2015
: 77,475
View all Glyphs comic-papyrus The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


  1. God I shouldn’t be laughing right now, but i just cant help it XD. The undertale fandom will find out soon enough

  2. Hehehe, thank you so much for this, you have no idea how much I appreciate this 💙 I’ve been searching this font for so long, now I finally found it, with this font, I can spread so much chaos on the internet >:D

  3. I see this if in undertale if sans and papyrus said something in union like instead of having 2 text box they have one of them both saying something


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