EAD®✶ Futurisct Font

EAD®✶ Futurisct Font is our experimental typeface, exploring how we can harmonize inconsistency to achieve balance through asymmetrical design, contrast, and shape. Inspired by bold futuristic aesthetics, Futurisct aims to strike a balance between exploration and consistency, even with sharp edges. Once we’ve achieved the sharp version, we deliberately introduce inconsistency by rounding the corners, creating a more fluid yet still sharp iteration of EAD®✶ Futurisct.


  • Contain 331 Glyph Multilingual
  • 4 Styles
    • Regular – Regular Rounded
    • Italic – Italic Rounded

✶ Support for 68 languages detected

Afrikaans: Albanian: Asu: Basque: Bemba: Bena: Breton: Catalan: Chiga: Cornish: Danish: Dutch: English: Estonian: Faroese: Filipino: Finnish: French: Friulian: Galician: German: Gusii: Icelandic: Indonesian: Irish: Italian: Kabuverdianu: Kalenjin: Kinyarwanda: Luo: Luxembourgish: Luyia: Machame: Makhuwa-Meetto: Makonde: Malagasy: Manx: Morisyen: North Ndebele: Norwegian Bokmål: Norwegian Nynorsk: Nyankole: Oromo: Portuguese: Quechua: Romansh: Rombo: Rundi: Rwa: Samburu: Sango: Sangu: Scottish Gaelic: Sena: Shambala: Shona: Soga: Somali: Spanish: Swahili: Swedish: Swiss German: Taita: Teso: Uzbek (Latin): Volapük: Vunjo: Zulu:

If you have any questions about the license, send an email here: [email protected]

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: Apr 21, 2024
: 1,227
: endeavourstudio
View all Glyphs EADFuturisct-Italic-BF662350eb1592d.ttf The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
View all Glyphs EADFuturisct-ItalicRound-BF662350ecb0005.ttf The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
View all Glyphs EADFuturisct-Regular-BF662350edf1223.ttf The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
View all Glyphs EADFuturisct-RegularRound-BF662350ee515f9.ttf The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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