Star wars font

Sep 13, 2022 at 4:26 am

Star Wars Font

Star wars font
What is the Star Wars Font Name?
Over the years, the Star Wars saga has grown not only in content and history, characters and settings. Also, design the lettering of each advertising poster for your movie or video game.

So what is the Star Wars font name? The original logo with the first Star Wars font was originally designed by hand.

Artist Suzy Rice took inspiration from the Helvetica Black font to create the iconic logo, then designer Joe Johnston made small changes to improve the logo into what we know today (more on that later).

Star Wars fonts change with each movie, however, they always maintain the essence and most specific characteristics of the first Star Wars font. Each of these Star Wars fonts has managed to stand out so well that any fan of the saga will recognize the movie to which each font corresponds.

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