Hetilica Font

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Hetilica Font
Made by Diego Quintana

Hetilica Bold is a typeface developed as a final project for my 2009 workshop class in college.

It is based on the hand-written license signs used across some of the alcohol selling shops in the province of Cartagena, Chile; a small beach-side town of small population.

After a trip to the area, several pictures were taken to decide the fonts to develop based on just a few glyphs found.

Ulteriorly, we were asked to develop a full typography, type catalogue, specimen, website and several pieces of type-oriented memorabilia.

Hetilica Bold is now completely available to you for free in TrueType format and you are more than welcome to download it from its own mini-site, or if you prefer, directly from here.

If you use it, I’d love to see some images of it in action.

Thank you.

: Jan 24, 2016
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