Incopins Clusters Font Family


Translation of the original German description: Towards the end of the year 2013 I actually had no intention of to create any new fonts and so I spent my time visiting my favorite forum.

There I encountered a request of a sports fan who wanted to surprise for his soccer friends, looking for the font of his soccer club logo, a font that reminded of Herzogenaurach – No, not for Silberlöwe or Wälzlager. Unfortunately, nobody was able to help, so I took a closer look at four letters and two digits, and developed a complete character set in Latin script in just 4 ½ hours.

But somehow that inspired me to complement this work, so I added diacritics and then also the Cyrillic alphabet.

Oh, the naming of the font? I simply used one of my saved “reCAPTCHA” words … why not?

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