Salma Pro Font

Salma Pro Font
Salma Pro Font

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Salma Pro Font is a modern sans serif font with a new design and strong character. This font is the successor of the previous version (Salma Alfasans) and is an extended version which has abundant features, good legibility, many styles, and wider language support.

Salma Pro is a multipurpose font that has a unique design, made with great passion and conscientiousness. Because of that, you will see beautiful details in this font.

At large sizes, it looks great, but also has good legibility when used as text at small sizes.

Why Salma Pro?

Salma Pro has 1400+ glyphs and is available in 3 different widths; Normal, Condensed and Narrow. Therefore, the more styles you have, the more versatile your font will be. Besides that, every job will be easier to complete and no more wasting your time.

This font is for professional designers who want a versatile and reliable font for each of their projects. For this reason, it was developed and redesigned; to achieve superior functionality and quality.

The important thing that you should know is that Salma Pro is very compatible when used as a logo and branding projects. Because it has beautiful and authentic details.


– Small capital
– Tabular and proportional lining figures
– Tabular and proportional oldstyle figures
– Scientific inferior and superior
– Numerator, denominator, and fraction
– Circled and squared numbers
– Standard and discretionary ligatures
– Stylistic and contextual alternates
– Arrows, triangle, square and circle symbol
– Many more.

Language Supports: 
Latin Extended (+Vietnamese), Cyrillic and Greek.

Suggested uses:  
Perfect for branding project, logo or logotype, promotion, e-pub, website, mobile app, and more.

Salma Pro is great and powerful, that\’s why you should have it and use it anytime, anywhere.


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: Feb 1, 2022
: 9,998
: alifinart
View all Glyphs SalmaPro-Medium.otf The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
View all Glyphs SalmaPro-MediumNarrow.otf The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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