Vary Font

Vary Sans Serif Font

This font is a fully reconsidered high contrast transitional sans serif, which is perfectly adapted to modern realities and requirements. Vary is fun and adaptable and was built with three feelings (variations): classic, modern, and loopy, offering an opportunity for designers to be playful in their creations.

The inspiration in Bulgarian Cyrillic is seen mostly in the character “g,” which was inspired by a very uncommon handwritten “?” spotted by the designer in a shop window in Sofia, Bulgaria. When he flipped this design in 180°, the Latin character ‘g’ was born for Vary.

Big thanks to Monotype for providing us this freebie. Vary Sans Serif Font free for personal use, don’t hesitate to check out the Full Version to get the most out of this sans serif font.

: Aug 12, 2021
: 10,184
View all Glyphs Monotype - Vary Light The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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