Foundation Titles Hand Font

Foundation Titles Hand font

Foundation, the Apple TV+ series made from the Isaac Asimov books (and which has released only four episodes as I write this), uses a number of fonts with related design for the logo, on-screen text, in-scene signage and the title credits. Only in the last of these are most letters represented.

Foundation’s title sequence was created by Imaginary Forces, a Los Angeles design studio and creative agency (, and presumably IF created the specific design used for names in the title credits. In this font, I have hand-drawn the letters seen on-screen, excepting Q and X, which do not appear; those are my invention. Lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols and punctuation (other than & and . and ,) are also not used, hence their omission here.

Foundation Titles Hand is released under the SIL Open Font License.

: Oct 10, 2021
: 13,176
: rsperberg
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